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vin cabatlao

vincente tamala ito po oky saan po ba macontact ito at papaano gusto po taong mahusay tulad nito sana matulongan mo ako salamat po


where can I find a real mamababarang in the city. For interview


j'aime beaucoup la première image très colorée ! Bravo !


Parang movie stills, specially the 5th photo.
Fascinating story and images!


These are not just an excellent capture but a great explanation of their existence!


Fascinating to learn about the sorcerer vs. shaman. Enjoyed the photos too. I use to read books on shamanism so found this really interesting to read.



great captures. they look like still shots from a scary movie.


as usual your story really makes the pictures come alive.


Very interesting article today. It's quite fascinating to notice the divide between white and black magic across the regions of the world. Would be very interesting to compare this and voodoo.


Fascinating information and photos, Sidney. I'm wondering if these folks have become a bit wealthy (by Philippine standards) from what they do.

Can't help but comment but the 5th photo from the top seems to show what looks like a stick of marijuana. Hehehe

Kevin from

Very nice atmosphere conveyed - love the cool blue tones!


I like the use of movement and dark colours here. the picture with the girl fascinates me.


very interesting, i m learning a lot with you! so many powers, as in Africa- what about the thieves of sex, here?? what happens to your colrs, saturation you choose ? to give the mood of magie..? do you know if there ar demonstrations tomorrow in the streets ?? want to take some pictures... if yes..:-))

Craig Wilson

Love the dark saturated colours and strong details! Great write ups, now I know where to go when I need some 'got rid of' ;)

Great photos Sid.

haggis basher

Great images but love the story behind them. I'd be careful of strange packets containing powders!!


i'm learning so much in this post, sidney. very informative and interesting.

donG hO

thank you for the information. this really helps us know more about what barang is and who makes it. that could have been a really good experience to be with them.


Very good portraits. You catch the spirit of the caracter.


Great portraits here and well captured expressions!


wow i've seen these barang in the movies :) wonder if he performed the barang skill for you?


very nice shots!

Otto K.

Cool set, Sidney. Really nice.

Edgar Alan Zeta-Yap

I wish I can visit Siquijor the next time I go home to Cebu. I like the photograph with the little girl. The texture. The atmosphere.


This is a very interesting story and I really enjoy the photos. I like the saturated colors and the feeling of darkness in the images.

Major Tom

very interesting notes on sorcery. I do not actually subscribe to their veracity, as to the potency of barangs, but as widewspread as the myth becomes, I might just change my view entirely.

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